MVC for software development

MVC is a framework for all kind of programming language.  Now the ASP.Net has a new version with MVC.  (Published by Yusuf FIRAT 09.09.2018/Istanbul)

The description of the MVC is the Model View Controller. Actually, MVC separates your codes and views and the Controller is connected the two modules. Let me explain; If you develop all programming in a document you will mix when your codes increase. But if you separate codes and front-end documents you can easily develop the program.  Or else, it mixes,  programmers, call it spaghetti code. We say for that in Turkish: “Samanlikta igne aramak” (Look for a needle in a haystack). If you use MVC framework platform, you can easily develop your programs.

Model is a code repository. All your codes are here like connection strings, database management codes, SQL codes etc.

V: View;
The view mostly contains the page codes shown to visitors. Such as front end codes, CSS codes, javascript codes. And the Model’s using codes are here.

C: Controller;
The controller is a module to connect the Model and View.  When the user writes an address in the browser’s bar then the controller’s trigger starts. Or when users click a button or link or an ajax function etc.

I think so all programming language will support MVC very close years. Because of the world going to a global programmers platform. Like git systems. Git Hub, git lab etc. If you think typing for global scripts you have to start MVC systems.

Yusuf FIRAT. (09.09.2018 / Istanbul).

If there is a typographical error, please let me feed-back for correct.

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